WIFI - The Market Leader in Austria!

WIFI and its Education Program

The Institute for Economic Promotion – WIFI for short – is the largest education and advanced education institution in the Economic Chamber organisation for its members and their staff, as well as the largest provider of vocational training and advanced education in Austria.  

With 31,400 courses and training courses as well as 365,000 participants every year, WIFI has a market share of 20% and is consequently the leader on the vocational further training market in Austria. Its annual sales revenue amounts to EUR 155 million. 

Nine regional WIFIs and 80 branches offer an extensive spectrum of services:
ranging from sector-specific and vocational courses and seminars through sophisticated management training and foreign language courses to specialist academies and university-type courses.

WIFI deploys 12,000 top-quality trainers from the business community. They guarantee practical know-how, teaching competence and theoretically sound expertise, thus ensuring that the know-how gained in WIFI can be applied directly in one's profession.  

WIFI certificates and diplomas are recognised by the business community.

WIFI has ISO certification and continuously carries out quality evaluations. 

  • Mission Statement and Objectives
  • Reacting to Trends Flexibly
  • The WIFI Organisation

Mission Statement and Objectives 

The WIFI is a modern and future-oriented service organisation in the training and development sector that supports Austria’s economy. Our task is to provide success- and performance-oriented persons with opportunities that allow them to obtain substantiated, global and tried and tested knowledge that is needed to meet the social, economic and occupational challenges of tomorrow.   

To achieve this objective, the WIFI cultivates the constant exchange with entrepreneurs and human resource managers. Based on this permanent feedback governing the economic process as well as the labour- and occupational markets, we continuously develop innovative educational products that are consistent with the economy’s ever-changing demand. Every course year around 20 percent of the WIFI offers are newly developed programmes.  

The WIFI stands for learning from practice to practice and the gaining of knowledge on a high and internationally recognised level.

The WIFI Organization

WIFI Austria is the research, development, service and communications platform of 9 provincial WIFIs. It comprises the WIFI Directors’ Conference and three competence teams:

WIFI Educational Management: 

This team focuses on coordinating the 9 independent provincial WIFIs and developing new educational products. New education products are constantly developed to meet the demand on the market in the fields of management/corporate leadership, personality development, languages, business economics, EDP/IT, technology and sectors. Customised personnel and skills development packages are put together for businesses and implemented on-site in in-house training courses. About 20 percent of the WIFI education products are newly developed products per year.

WIFI Business Support Service:

This team is active in the fields of corporate leadership & management, innovation & technology, energy & environment and work & health, developing programmes and special solutions for small and medium-sized businesses together with internal and external partners. This way, businesses can rely on a competent service when implementing new provisions in relation to new legislation, with know-how on employee protection and occupational health, or in connection with the environment on issues of energy efficiency in the workplace.

WIFI International:

exports education and training to CEE/SEE countries as international education provider, to offer Austrian companies and companies on location the same high training standards in order to increase productivity and competitiveness. Furthermore, WIFI International generates an additional value for Austria's economy via the implementation of international education projects and economic cooperations.


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