WIFI International

WIFI International exports Austrian educational standards; beside the offer of management courses organized with local partners in the Western Balkans, the CIS region, Mongolia as well as in selected regions of China and in Asian-Arab countries, WIFI established educational institutes in already 11 CEE/SEE-countries following the Austrian WIFI-model.


  • WIFI International links companies of the Austrian economy with entrepreneurs and managers of local SMEs via practice-oriented training offers. This international know-how-transfer enhances mutual initial business contacts and business relationships. A current survey on the foreign contacts of WIFI International in the Western Balkans and the CIS-region shows a very positive feedback throughout. Beyond that, WIFI International generates an additional value for the Austrian economy by implementing international education projects, especially in the Arab-Asian region.


  • The 11 WIFIs in CEE/SEE support Austrian companies on location with higher qualification of their staff and Austrian educational know-how in the respective local language. Thereby, WIFI International strengthens the competitiveness of Austrian companies in this region. The offer ranges from seminars, courses to industry-specific education and training. The WIFIs in CEE/SEE work on an estimated market potential of more than 850 Mio. Euro and an economic market area of more than 180 million inhabitants.


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